An Xuan Healing

Ancient Aesthetic Medicine


Concierge Service

Concierge as in you have a ministerial agent to catalyze actualization of your imperial aesthetic desires!

At AXH, every client is precious and deserves to be treated like royalty - aside from personally crafted prescriptions - access to medical service will be made available to more than just a clinic - at home, office, hospital or other venues!




Every experience leaves an imprint - trauma often to scars (emotional or physical) - that are retained by the "body" (psyche & soma).

To truly heal requires discerning all of these various "lesions," assembling them in order to determine a requisite, comprehensive, bio-specific therapeutic plan of action.






Essentially every single construction is novel and innovative - inspired by the collaboration of client and the semiotic-clinician.

To maximize efficient delivery of services rendered, direct payment is required.