An Xuan Healing

Ancient Aesthetic Medicine

At An Xuan Healing

the focus is entirely on the client - with the purpose of minimizing the experience of suffering and isolation. 

When one is ill or experiencing pain - this impedes the ability to participate in society. 

Energetic medicine when practiced correctly is able to engender rapid, instantaneous therapeutic effects - a key hallmark of AXH is that in addition to minimally invasive techniques (e.g. acupuncture) highly specific elixirs (herbal formulations) are utilized to achieve actual change. 

Ancient science and aesthetics do not separate the psyche from the soma - therefore the entire range of afflictions be it emotional, physical or due to lifestyle-constraints (repetitive stress injury), chronic and re-recalcitrant can be modulated and their origin (root) discerned and influenced.

As a full system of medicine the goal is to help clients minimize additional "points of contact" - ie visits to (physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists etc) that are draining and costly.  Within each treatment plan the goal is to minimize the frequency of visits in hopes of restoring a temporary state of autonomy for each client.

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