An Xuan Healing

Ancient Aesthetic Medicine


Introductory Consultation

 No Cost! 20-30 min

Health is an intensely personal matter - one that affects the core of your livelihood.  It is important to make sure that client & clinician are a good fit!

Scared of Needles?

Want to know if I can help?

Or want a safe exposure to alternative medicine?

Come on in!



Initial Appointment

1.5 hours

$175 - 150 min

A comprehensive intake followed by a treatment and requisite plan of action will be determined. This appointment will also address expectations (typically 10 visits are needed to achieve lasting changes.)

An herbal elixir will be prescribed in addition to the in-office visit.


Full Follow Up Appointment

1 hour 

 $120 - 60 min

Subsequent visits will involve acupuncture and other modalities as needed; herbal elixir will be modified if needed - ongoing care will be delivered until client is stable enough to begin  a maintenance plan (see below) or a prevention plan. 



Maintenance Appointment

Half Hour

 $60 - 30 min

Once the main concerns have been addressed and what is required is maintenance (especially in chronic or recalcitrant conditions) - this option is also for those that may be unable to afford an hour long visit but would like to continue collaborating.

These are also  the transitive appointments for those whose situation has significantly shifted and are either in need of repeated visits, less complex diagnoses or procedures; or are ready to begin the process of transitioning from a palliative (cessation of pain, suffering) and are ready to embark on a prevention plan of action.